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The Bolton Society

“To study a subject . . . the first requirement is a knowledge of the literature of that subject.”—H. C. Bolton

Henry Carrington Bolton

Henry Carrington Bolton

Henry Carrington Bolton (1843–1903) was a chemist, historian, academic, bibliophile, and renowned bibliographer of chemistry. Bolton documented the period 1492–1902 in his Select Bibliography of Chemistry, creating the definitive list of chemical books published during these 500 years.

Science History Institute

Named for Henry Carrington Bolton, the Bolton Society encourages and promotes the individual love for and collection of all types of printed material devoted to chemistry and related sciences. It also supports and encourages the Donald F. and Mildred Topp Othmer Library of Chemical History as a primary repository for such material.

Bolton Society members are drawn primarily from among bibliophiles, academic and industrial chemists and chemical engineers, philatelists, librarians, historians, and booksellers.

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