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Try This @ Home

You should definitely listen when they say “don’t try this at home.” Except when we tell you to Try This @ Home.

This fun and engaging video series features hands-on scientific activities and baking tutorials using historical recipes that you and your family can try at home.

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Science at Home

Science at Home is a family-friendly digital program that looks at the history of scientific discoveries through the lens of a hands-on activity that families can do together at home. Sessions are either live or pre-recorded using storytelling to introduce a science topic and connect it to an at-home activity—like making the Revolutionary War-style invisible ink pictured above. This program series combines history, science, and fun, while highlighting the stories we tell and the collections we house in our museum.

Historical Recipes

Get cooking with these Historical Recipes from some of our favorite vintage cookbooks found in the Institute’s digital collections. Learn how to make an apple meringue pie with a recipe from the 1880s or a vegan version of sweet potato biscuits from the 1930s.