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Virtual Chemistry

Our interactive experiences bring the lab to your screen!

Instruments of Change

Instruments of Change invites you to discover the stories behind five of the most groundbreaking scientific instruments from the 20th century. Explore their social, environmental, and scientific histories while engaging in exciting game play! This interactive exploration features Linus Pauling’s oxygen meter and Arnold O. Beckman’s iconic pH meter, EASE analog computer, oxidant recorder, and infrared spectrophotometer. Get to know the profound impact these instruments have had on our world.

Stinks, Bangs, & Booms

This award-winning interactive timeline takes you through the evolution of the chemistry set throughout history, from the Young Chemists Pocket Companion in 1797 to modern kits. Along the way you’ll hear stories of chemistry-set enthusiasts, from Science History Institute staff members to Intel cofounder Gordon Moore.