Color photo of Chinese restaurant sign

The Rotten Science That Set Off the
MSG Scare

Distillations Article

How one doctor’s letter and a string of dodgy studies spurred a public health panic.
Ad for Dow Chemical Company

The History of Energy and Environment: Academic Research vs. Investigative Journalism

Thursday, March 16 | 6–8pm

Join us for a lively discussion featuring NPR’s Neela Banerjee and Yale professor Paul Sabin.
Composite image of DNA sequencing, indigenous tribe.

The Vampire Project

Distillations Podcast

Episode 4 from the Innate: How Science Invented the Myth of Race series.
illustration of the Colorado River 1899

Natural Passions

Collections Blog

How protected lands inspire scientific pursuits.

Medicinal plants

First Friday: Plants, Potions, and Poisons

Friday, March 3 | 5–7pm

Take a peek at our upcoming digital exhibition about the Victorian obsession with “exotic” poisonous plants through the murder mysteries of Sherlock Holmes!

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